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Tolt Machine Works, Inc. specializes in fabrication and welding of fixtures and machine assemblies. Whether you are looking for job-shop welding or custom fabrication designs, Tolt Machine Works would be happy to help you get your project done. Our fabrication shop facilities include:

We are currently expanding our phase 2 fabrication capabilities: (See Facilities List for latest info)

  • Kaltenbach Automatic Horizontal Cold Saw
  • Grob 36" Bandsaw
  • DoAll 36" Bandsaw
  • Lincoln Tig275
  • Flow Waterjet - Bengal 40"x20"
  • ThermalArc PAK-10 Plasma cutter, 100A
  • 250Ton Southwork 4 post Hydraulic Press 10'x10'
  • Taylor-Windfield Spot Welder 50KVA
  • Wallace 4" mandrel pipe bender
  • TEI 2" pipe bender