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Our CMM is one of the largest in the world. Tolt Machine Works can handle large, high-precision components of complex shape for wide range of applications such as wind, hydroelectric, and nuclear power; aerospace, naval, and military craft; scientific research and engineering test; and precision jigs and fixtures for a wide range of manufacturing. TMW will precisely measure features over a large measurement volume in addition to other requirements for such machines than just size.In this measuring realm, there are laser systems coupled with portable arms that can measure precisely over great distances.Most of these measuring machines and systems are intended for machine calibration or for the machine measurement of a few critical dimensions.They require much labor to set up and perform machine measurements, especially when a part datum is difficult to reach.More extensive measurement needs can only be supplied by a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) like the one at Tolt Machine Works.

Our metrology capabilities currently include:

  • DEA Lambda CMM X=500" Y=160" Z=100"
  • Renishaw TP2+PH10 motorized probe
  • Renishaw MP3 probe
  • Renishaw QC10 Ballbar
  • Renishaw ML10 Laser interferometer
  • Deltronic Optical Comparator
  • Vision Engineering Microscope: TS-2 Stereo Dynascope

Our metrology capabilities available Late 2012

  • Numerex CMM 15"x18"x10"
  • Romer 3000 arm
  • EOIS mini-moire noncontact high speed digitizer


Our metrology capabilities available Early 2013

  • (3) ETEC Scanning Electron Microscopes