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Tolt Machine Works, Inc is located at the new 30,000-square-foot Industrial Complex in Carnation, WA TMW will focus on the increasing need for large, high-precision components of complex shape for wide range of applications such as wind, hydroelectric, and nuclear power; aerospace, naval, and military craft; scientific research and engineering test; and precision jigs and fixtures for a wide range of manufacturing. Effectively able to machine such large parts with precision, TMW will spotlight two core capabilities; the ability to fit large, heavy parts into machines that have large machining volumes and to precisely measure features over a large measurement volume in addition to other requirements for such machines than just size. TMW has established a Puget Sound area facility that provides both these capabilities for its customers.

Tolt Machine Works is owned by Dr. James Kajiya, a distinguished engineer at a major software company. Jim founded Tolt Machine Works to developnew technologies for advanced manufacturing.